All Moose locations in Red Dead Redemption 2 (2024)

You can sink hours into hunting inRed Dead Redemption 2, as there are dozens of different animals in the game to track down. One of the more difficult animals to find is the Moose.

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The Moose is used to get the Perfect Moose Pelt required for multiple crafting recipes. The animal can be found in specific locations, most often near the water. However, even though there are multiple proven spots to hunt a Moose, their spawn rate is quite low, and it might take you a couple of tries to find it. So we’re here to help. Here are all the Moose locations inRed Dead Redemption 2.

Where to find Moose in Red Dead Redemption 2

Kamassa River

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Northwest of Annesburg on Kamassa River is one of the first spots to find Moose inRed Dead Redemption 2. Keep your eyes open for a Moose near the water as you approach the river’s wider corner. In my case, I found one cow (female) Moose right by the river, drinking water.

Be careful when hunting in this area, though, as it’s filled with predators. There are black bears and a pack of wolves often roaming around the area and further to the east.

O’Creagh’s Run

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Traveling west from Annesburg, you might get lucky enough to spot a Moose by the O’Creagh’s Run lake. As always, they are often found by the water, but there are lots of other animals by the lakes as well, including wild Horses and Elks.

Calumet Ravine

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By Calumet Ravine, to the east of the Wapiti Indian Reservation, there’s a big body of water where a Moose can spawn. The area is quite rocky, so be careful when scouting for the Moose there. There’s a road wrapping around the entire lake, which you can use for a better overview of the area.

Cattail Pond

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There are a series of smaller lakes where Moose can spawn as you travel to the west side of the map. There’s one road that goes through almost all of these lakes, so it’s easy to visit them all in one go, starting with a Cattail Pond, just west of Valentine. Cattail Pond is a small lake that can have Moose, Rams, and Elks around it, but it’s also where you can start tracking down the Bighorn Ram Legendary Animal.

Barrow Lagoon

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Next, we are heading into the more snowy areas (remember to pack some warm clothes), starting with the Barrow Lagoon. It’s a frozen lake with animals spawning on the south and west sides of it, including a potential Moose. If you feel like exploring, there’s a small log cabin on the north side of the lake with a Cigarette Card and a grave you can add to your journal. There’s a high chance of encountering wolves by that cabin, though, so keep that in mind.

Cairn Lake

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The northern location to find a Moose is Cairn Lake, a small lake following the road up north with an abandoned camp. In the bigger cabin by the lake, make sure to loot the locker box under the bed, as you can findThe Poisonous Trail treasure mapthere.

Lake Isabella

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Lake Isabella is home to multiple rare animals apart from the Moose. Explore the western and northern sides of the lake, and you might stumble upon a white Arabian horse, the best and most beautiful horse in the entire game. As you look for the Moose, you can also start tracking down the White Bison Legendary Animal.

Keep in mind, though, that visibility on the Lake Isabella is often terrible. To avoid spooking the animals, I recommend you get off the horse as soon as you get to the lake. There’s a lot of ground to cover, but better safe than sorry.

Wallace Station

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As we head down south, a fairly reliable spot to find a Moose is where Little Creek meets the Dakota River, right below the Wallace Station. There are plenty of animals roaming around the area, and you can follow Little Creek to find even more prey, as well as a gang hideout at the very end. Some players have mentioned there’s a chance to find a Moose along the Little Creek, too, but I wasn’t lucky enough to find one.

Caliban’s Seat

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Following the Dakota River south, there’s a spot right below Caliban’s Seat where a Moose can spawn. It’s a shallow part of the river that often has fisherman visitors. Although I’m not sure if human NPC presence spooks the animals, it’s something to consider when approaching this area.


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West of Strawberry, there’s a lake called Owanjila that can have Moose and is also a host for a Legendary Fish. This area, in particular, might have a lot of bears. If you’re here for the first time, you might stumble upon a Grizzly Bear encounter north of the shore. You’ll have to fight that bear, so make sure to grab a rifle or a shotgun to deal with it.

Tall Trees

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The rest of these spots will be unavailable until you progress far enough into the game’s story because they are in Blackwater. You probably noticed the area is covered in red on your map, and if you try and enter it, a group of Lawmen will immediately spawn to try and take you down.
Once you can get back to Blackwater, there are three locations you should check out when hunting a Moose: Aurora Basin, north of Tall Trees (around the area with “LL” letters on the map), and south of Tall Trees, where the word “Trees” ends.

Legendary Moose location in Red Dead Redemption 2

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There’s also a Legendary Moose you can hunt down inRed Dead Redemption 2to get a Legendary Moose Pelt and Antler. Legendary Moose can be found at the verynortheast corner of the map, past Brandywine Drop.

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Once you get there, you’ll have to follow clues using your Hunter Vision as with any other Legendary Animal until you find the Moose and hunt it down. You’ll know it when you see it as it’s a giant white Moose slowly walking around the area.

All Moose locations in Red Dead Redemption 2 (2024)


Where are the best places to find moose in RDR2? ›

Best places I've found are far northeast above Annesburg between where the river enters the map at the waterfall and the railroad tracks that cross the river, and just south of Hamish's cabin on the east shore of O'Creagh's run.

What is the legendary moose reward in RDR2? ›

The Legendary Moose is one of 16 legendary animals that can be hunted and skinned in RDR2. Skinning it will reward you with the Legendary Moose Pelt and Legendary Moose Antler. The Antler is used to craft the Moose Antler Trinket, which increases health XP gains by 10%.

How to hunt moose in RDR2 Reddit? ›

Basically you go to Lake Isabella, set up camp a little ways south of it, sleep until the morning, then save while the camp is still there. Then race your horse to the west bank of Isabella. If it's not there already, place some bait and there's a good chance it might appear.

Where is the best place to hunt moose? ›

Where to hunt Moose. Moose live in boreal forest regions across the northern part of the globe. The biggest, known as Alaska-Yukon, inhabit the Alaska and the Yukon into the Mackenzie Mountains of the Northwest Territories. The Chukotka moose from Kamchatka and Russian North-East is just as big.

Where do you find the most moose? ›

Canada has the largest moose population in the world, consisting of approximately 830,000 moose. British Columbia alone is estimated to have more than 165,000 moose. However, long before moose came to North America, they lived in Eurasia.

Where is the bull gator in RDR2? ›

Where to Find the Legendary Alligator in RDR2. The Legendary Bullgator will not spawn or appear on the map until players have completed Chapter 6. For players who have progressed past that point, the Legendary Alligator can be found south of Lagras, roaming the marshy swamps of Lakay in the Bayou Nwa region of Lemoyne.

Where is the legendary Snowflake Moose in RDR2? ›

Players will be able to find the Legendary Snowflake Moose located in the Barrow Lagoon. The best way to get it to appear it by appearing during the night time when the weather is wet (snow or rain). With legendary animals, its important to remain patient when waiting for it to spawn.

What's the rarest legendary animal in rdr2? ›

A stunning amount of wildlife call the virtual fields of Red Dead Redemption 2 home; there are even more than a dozen legendary fish lurking in the game's waters. Still, with all of those unique species, the Carolina Parakeet is by far the most evasive.

Should I sell Legendary Moose pelt? ›

Selling the legendary pelt allows the Trapper to put it to use in crafting new items. We've laid out all the unique items that you can craft using the legendary moose pelt just below: Legendary Moose Hunting Jacket - Costs $24, Legendary Moose Pelt, plus a perfect wolf pelt - protects against the cold.

What does the Moose Antler Trinket do in rdr2? ›

The Moose Antler Trinket is a helpful buff/perk that increases your health XP gains by 10%.

What happens if you drink from the Witches Cauldron RDR2? ›

In addition to the chest and other odds and ends around the room, there is a large bubbling cauldron inside. If you drink from the cauldron, you will pass out and wake up five minutes later, a short distance from the hut. Your attribute cores will be fully restored.

What is the hardest thing to hunt in rdr2? ›

The Panther is probably the hardest non-legendary animal to hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2. It's rare, quick, and deadly. Avoid getting too close to a Panther; it is very aggressive and can quickly maul players to death with its claws. The best approach is to lay out some predator bait and shoot it from a distance.

Can you bait moose rdr2? ›

If you have Potent Herbivore Bait, use that. You'll attract animals with Herbivore Bait, but you get a shot at three-star animals with the Potent Herbivore Bait. Put some down on the point where the Moose can spawn, turn your back to the bait, then crouch walk away. Don't look back at the bait.

Where is the best place to shoot a moose? ›

Vital zones. There are several vital zones in game animals but the heart-lung vital zone is the recommended shot placement for a humane and quick kill. For example, in moose, the heart-lung vital area is about the size of a basketball and is the largest vital zone.

What bait to use for moose rdr2? ›

Since this animal is omnivore you should use Predator Bait and Herbivore Bait to attract it in the wild.

Where is the legendary Snowflake Moose in rdr2? ›

Players will be able to find the Legendary Snowflake Moose located in the Barrow Lagoon. The best way to get it to appear it by appearing during the night time when the weather is wet (snow or rain). With legendary animals, its important to remain patient when waiting for it to spawn.

How to hunt muskrat in RDR2? ›

Muskrats are modeate sized, rodent-like creatures. They scare easily. Keep your distance, using binoculars to spot, identify, and track a prestine target. When you get a clear line of sight, use the Varmint Rifle to get a clean kill.

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