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Maranata School Bus Service was founded by Ulises Arias in the early 90s. A son of a Cuban immigrant that traveled to the United States looking for a better and brighter future for his family and a piece of the American dream. At the age of twenty, Ulises obtained three used school buses using a small business loan. His father left his current job in a factory in Hialeah to help drive a bus. That year Maranata School Bus Service was awarded a small contract to run two Miami-Dade County School Routes, and the rest is history.

Maranata School Bus Service, Corp. sets the standard for excellence in students and event transportation services. In business for more than 23 years, we have stood the test of time by delivering remarkable customer service and outstanding value.

We are a full-service student transportation provider; our services include public routes, charter schools, and field trip transportation, as well as summer and charter school trips. Maranata School Bus Service is a family owned and operated business, which means quicker decision-making and greater flexibility. But more importantly, our reputation is on the line every day, so we work tirelessly to ensure the peace of mind of those who have entrusted their children to us".

Each driver must pass an annual physical examination using an ESE 479 form, and an annual drug test. Both exams are completed by Miami-Dade School Board approved doctor and facility.

All drivers are certified by Miami-Dade County Public School and/or Broward County Public Schools. They receive certification by meeting and completing the following requirements:

A. Have five years of licensed driving experience.
B. Hold a valid commercial driver’s license (class A or B) with a passenger and school bus endorsem*nt.
C. Successfully complete forty hours of pre-service training.
D. Submit a set of fingerprints for background investigation.
E. Comply with a pre-employment, annual, post-accident, reasonable suspicion and random drug tests.
F. Annual physical examination.
G. Maintain a clean and safe driving record.

Prior to initial certification, each driver successfully completes the State of Florida Basic School Bus Driver Training Course. Drivers receive forty hours of training, at least twenty hours of classroom instruction and eight hours of on road training. Each driver receives a written exam and road test in order to complete the State of Florida Basic School Bus Driver Training Course.

Maranata School Bus Service Corp. adheres to the Omnibus Transportation Employee testing Act per Federal Regulations. 49 CFR Parts 40 and 382. Drug and/or alcohol testing procedures are performed with regard to:
• Pre-Employment Drug Testing
• Random Drug/Alcohol Testing
• Return to Duty Drug Testing
• Annual Drug Testing
• Post-Accident Drug/Alcohol Testing
• Follow-up Drug/Alcohol Testing
• Reasonable Suspicion Drug/Alcohol Testing

Maranata School Bus Service Corp. is a Drug Free Workplace under contract with Health Care Center of Miami, Inc., which manages our program.

Safety meetings occur very frequently. In service Safety Training is held once a year as part of recertification in order for drivers to renew their ESE 479 license. The last In-Service Safety Training was held on Mon, August 1st of 2011.

Safety checks are done periodically to insure that all students are safely transported. This includes checking railroad crossing procedures, loading/unloading students, and proper student management and driver evaluations.

A monthly safety inspection is performed on each bus by our maintenance department and by Miami-Dade County Public Schools Maintenance Facility and/or Broward County Public School Inspector. The inspection is done in accordance with Florida Statutes Chapter 1006.21 and the Rules of the State Board of Education Chapter 6A-3.017.

A monthly preventive maintenance service is performed on each bus prior to taking it to Miami-Dade County Public Schools Maintenance Garage for inspection; the County performs the inspection every 28 working days. A yearly inspection for Metro Dade County Consumer Services is also required which we comply with.

All of our buses are post 1978 models and meet Federal Guidelines, Florida Statutes Chapter 1006.25 and Florida State Board of Education Administrative Rules 6A-3.

• All of our buses are 65 passengers to serve you better.
• All of our buses are equipped with two way radios.
• We will develop the routes to maximize the number of students riding the buses.
• We will prepare all of the FEFP paperwork associated with transportation for funds recovery from the state.
• We will report student misbehavior and incidents to the school administration in writing for resolution.
• We will contact the parent/guardians of all the students prior to the first day of school.

We are always there at your service

Maranata School Bus Service

Serving Dade & Broward County in Florida

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About Us  |  MaranataSchoolBusService.com (2024)
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