5 of the Best Freelance Writing Courses for Beginners (2024)

Interested in a career as a freelance writer? Taking a freelance writing course is a great place to start.

We’ve put together a list of five of the best freelance writing courses for beginners to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Our top five candidates are:

  • Knowadays: Becoming A Freelance Writer
  • Peak Freelance: Freelance Writing Essentials
  • Filthy Rich Writer: Comprehensive Copywriting Academy
  • Write Your Way to Your First $1k
  • Make a Living Writing: Freelance Writers Den

Keep reading to find out more about each course.

The Best Online Writing Courses for Beginners

Taking a freelance writing course can help you develop your writing skills and learn how to run a freelance writing business.

But with so many course options out there, choosing one might seem overwhelming.

That’s why we’re showcasing five freelance writing courses that we think are perfect for beginners.

For each course, we’ll break down:

  • What you’ll learn
  • The course’s unique features
  • What support is provided
  • How much it costs

So, without further ado, let’s get into our picks of the five best freelance writing courses.

1. Knowadays: Becoming A Freelance Writer

Our Becoming A Freelance Writer course is a newcomer to the game, but with comprehensive training from freelance experts and the chance to produce content for our blog, it’s a great choice for beginners.

The eight course modules cover:

  • An introduction to the course
  • What content writing is
  • How to prepare for a project
  • How to write blog posts and articles
  • How to make use of SEO
  • An article case study
  • How to build your business
  • A final assignment

Knowadays learners also receive one-on-one tutor support, a graded final assignment, and access to resources, checklists, and templates.

Plus, successful graduates are given the opportunity to take on freelance writing work for the Knowadays blog.

Learners can sign up for a seven-day free trial to try Becoming A Freelance Writer. The full course costs $599 for lifetime access.

2. Peak Freelance: Freelance Writing Essentials

The Freelance Writing Essentials course is designed to train new freelancers in the art of building a freelance writing business.

Created by experienced writers Michael Keenan and Elise Dopson, the course is divided into six video-based modules that focus on:

  • What freelance writing is (and isn’t)
  • How to market yourself
  • The legal side of freelancing
  • How to write content
  • How to find clients
  • Workflow and project management

While it doesn’t devote much time to the art of writing itself, the Freelance Writing Essentials course is great for new freelancers looking to understand how the world of freelance writing works.

The course costs $99 for lifetime access, which includes downloadable resources, checklists, and templates. After taking the course, learners can choose to become a Peak Freelance member and develop their skills further.

3. Filthy Rich Writer: Comprehensive Copywriting Academy

Filthy Rich Writer founder Nicki Krawczyk developed her Comprehensive Copywriting Academy course for new freelancers looking to specialize in copywriting.

Before buying the course, you can watch a free training video that teaches you how to land work as a freelance copywriter and explains what the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy has to offer.

The course itself includes six modules, which cover:

  • The basics of copywriting
  • How to improve your copywriting skills
  • What a copywriting project involves
  • Digital vs. print copywriting
  • Growing a freelance copywriting business

Lifetime access to Comprehensive Copywriting Academy costs a one-time fee of $697, or three monthly payments of $257.

In addition to the course content, this price also includes:

  • Online support
  • Regular calls from a designated coach
  • Exclusive events such as seminars and workshops

4. Write Your Way to Your First $1k

Write Your Way to Your First $1k (or simply Write to $1k) is a freelance writing course from professional writer Elna Cain.

The course is aimed at helping new freelance writers earn an income quickly, even if they have no prior freelance or writing experience.

Write to $1k is split into 54 lessons across 7 modules, covering:

  • What to expect from freelance writing
  • How to establish your brand
  • Building a portfolio
  • Finding clients
  • How to pitch
  • Writing for online businesses
  • How to maintain your business

Lifetime access to the course costs $195, or three payments of $75.

For this price, learners also get access to cheat sheets, pitch and email templates, a private Facebook group, and success stories from previous clients.

5. Make a Living Writing: Freelance Writers Den

The Freelance Writers Den isn’t a traditional writing course, but rather a collection of comprehensive learning materials, resources, and advice for freelance writers of all abilities.

Devised by Make a Living Writing’s founder Carol Tice, the Freelance Writing Den gives members access to multiple short courses known as bootcamps. These bootcamps cover a wide variety of topics, from how to write persuasively to setting up a freelance website.

Membership of the Freelance Writers Den also comes with:

  • 300+ hours of video-based training
  • Exclusive community forums
  • Website, pitch, and professional bio reviews
  • Regular podcasts about freelance writing
  • Monthly Q&A sessions with expert freelancers

Access to the Freelance Writing Den costs a monthly membership fee of $40, or a yearly fee of $400.

While the Freelance Writers Den isn’t currently accepting new members, you can join the waiting list to be contacted when spaces are available. Signing up also gets you free access to Carol’s ebook, The Recession-Proof Freelancer.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Course ContentUnique FeaturesLearning SupportPricing
Knowadays: Becoming A Freelance WriterBlog post and article writing

Preparing for a project


Building a freelance business

Assessed final assignment

Guaranteed work for successful graduates

Yes; 24/7 support and one-on-one tutor feedback on final assignment$599
Peak Freelance: Freelance Writing EssentialsMarketing yourself

Freelancing and legal issues

Finding clients

Video-based courseNo$99 for initial course, $49 monthly fee for Peak Freelance membership
Filthy Rich Writer: Comprehensive Copywriting AcademyImproving your copywriting skills

Digital vs. print copywriting

Growing a freelance business

Access to exclusive events

Focus on copywriting

Yes; students are assigned a designated coach$697, or three payments of $257
Write Your Way to Your First $1kEstablishing a brand

Building a portfolio

Finding clients

Writing for businesses

Focus on business writing

Cheat sheets and writing challenges

Yes; access to private Facebook group$195, or three payments of $75
Make a Living Writing: Freelance Writers DenMarketing your business

Finding a niche

Developing your writing skills


Gaining confidence

Heavily community-based

Website and bio reviews provided

Yes; monthly live sessions with experienced freelancers$40 monthly membership fee, or $400 for one year

Which Freelance Writing Course Is Right for You?

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing a freelance writing course, the final decision will depend on what you want to achieve.

Consider your career goals, and keep in mind:

  • Your budget
  • The amount of time you can dedicate to learning
  • Any niches you want to specialize in

Our friendly customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions, so if you’re having trouble deciding if our course is right for you, why not get in touch?

And if you’re still not sure if you’ve made the right choice, our Becoming A Freelance Writer course comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

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5 of the Best Freelance Writing Courses for Beginners (2024)


How do I become a freelance writer for beginners? ›

Here are some simple steps to get started:
  1. Choose your freelance writing specialty. ...
  2. Set up a website or blog. ...
  3. Write great sample work. ...
  4. Pitch yourself everywhere. ...
  5. Check writing job boards. ...
  6. Collect testimonials from your clients.

Can I make $1000 a month freelance writing? ›

It is possible to earn decent money writing quality content. Even in the age of AI. I now write for a handful of clients and earn $1,000 or more per month, all while living a busy life and holding a “regular” day job.

How to become a freelance content writer with no experience? ›

Here are some steps you can take to start your journey as a content writer:
  1. #1. Develop Your Writing Skills: ...
  2. #2. Build a Portfolio: ...
  3. #3. Learn Basic SEO: ...
  4. #4. Explore Different Writing Niches: ...
  5. #5. Utilize Freelance Platforms: ...
  6. #6. Apply for Internships or Entry-Level Positions: ...
  7. #7. Network with Other Writers: ...
  8. #8.
Jan 4, 2024

What is a good rate for a beginner freelance writer? ›

The average freelance blog writer charges between $15 and $40 per hour, though technical writers typically charge between $20 and $45 per hour. A more detailed study from Upwork showed that beginners charge about $20 per hour, intermediate writers charge $41 per hour, and expert-level writers charge $85 per hour.

What is the easiest type of freelance writing? ›

Content Writing

This can include blog posts, personal essays, Op-Ed pieces, journalistic feature articles, and social media posts. It's likely one of the most common forms of freelance writing and it's a good place to start if you're a beginner in the industry.

Do freelance writers actually make money? ›

Many freelance writers manage to make a good living writing for institutions, publications, and brands, and earn upwards of six figures per year. This step-by-step guide will help you get started as a successful freelance writer with a steady income and a flexible career.

Which freelance writing pays most? ›

Freelance Writing Niches: 9 High-Paying Content Types
  • E-Books. ...
  • White Papers. ...
  • Case Studies. ...
  • Email Writing. ...
  • Sales Pages or Landing Pages. ...
  • Video Script Writing. ...
  • Online or E-Learning Courses. ...
  • Book Writing (Ghostwriting) “The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.” –
Jan 4, 2024

Can you make a living off freelance writing? ›

Can you make a living as a freelance writer? The short answer is, yes, you can.

Is freelance writing a good side hustle? ›

While this is clearly true for some, the opportunity to make a decent living exists. But the pay range is so broad, “it's barely useful” according to the site clippings.me: Payscale reports a pay range of $10.31 to $53.79 per hour for freelance writers. ZipRecruiter has an even broader range: $5.29 to $193.03 per hour.

How do I sell myself as a freelance writer? ›

Here are seven ways to promote yourself and land great freelance writing jobs.
  1. Have Examples of Your Work. ...
  2. Know What Niches You're Comfortable With. ...
  3. Use Social Media and Websites to Your Advantage. ...
  4. Maintain Your Portfolio. ...
  5. Learn How to Market Yourself as a Writer. ...
  6. Keep Up With Trends. ...
  7. Keep Sharpening Your Skills.
Jul 2, 2020

Is it hard to find work as a freelance writer? ›

It's highly competitive to get in at the great-paying magazines, or to land the lucrative copywriting gigs. Some clients are flaky and end up stiffing you. Some clients are boundary-pushers and want to suck up all your time. You'll need to find a way to differentiate your writing services and stand out from the crowd.

Where do freelance writers start for beginners? ›

How To Become A Freelance Writer With No Experience
  • Write samples.
  • Find a writing agency to support you.
  • Launch a blog.
  • Write for friends and family.
  • Network with other freelance writers.
  • Get your start with a content network.
  • Revise and refresh your grammar.
  • Learn about SEO.

How much does a 500 word article cost? ›

For a 500-word article, beginner writers might charge between $3 to $25, while more experienced writers might charge between $30 to $150, and expert writers might charge up to $1,000 or more.

Is freelance writing in demand? ›

Very much so. There are a lot of courses on becoming a freelance writer solely because there is such a high demand for more. Anywhere that you see content; blog posts, social media posts, magazines, newspapers, any form of print there is a need for a writer.

How long does it take to get paid as a freelance writer? ›

If need to make money writing fast, it's hard to make the leap to the pro client level, where payments might take 30-90 days to arrive. Lots of writers tell me they'd love to get off the content mills, but that they couldn't survive a month or two without that skimpy mill paycheck that comes promptly each week.

Is it hard to make a living as a freelance writer? ›

A freelance writing career takes hard work, good time management skills, and the ability to hustle to find new gigs. To help build a rewarding career in this field, study the twelve freelance writing tips every author should know.

What is an example of freelance writing? ›

There are a variety of types of writing for a freelance writer including academic writing, business writing, ghostwriting, marketing and sales copy writing, news writing, public relations writing, social commentary writing, and website writing.

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