14 Delicious Whole30 Recipes (2024)

There’s so much to love and indulge in during the holiday season — parties, treats, and time with loved ones and family — but the richness of the season can also catch up to your body really quickly. That’s why I’ve gathered here 14 Delicious Whole30 Recipes from my collection! Though you probably eat very well for your health year-round, you may find that by January 1st you could use a reset, especially around sugar. I follow the Whole30 program as it is a perfect way to nourish myself and my family while knowing I’m putting our bodies and health first.

In addition to the recipes below, you can also get my help planning and maintaining your entire Whole30 month:

If you’d like to start your year with delicious Whole30 recipes, I’ve got you covered — fourteen Whole30-compliant paleo and gluten-free breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. There are tons of beautiful flavors from across the world, as well as delicious updates on familiar classics in this collection. You can also make your life even easier by batch-cooking some of these recipes and freezing them for easy grab dinners when you’re short on time. I also find having leftovers that I’m able to eat for breakfast and lunch is key to my success in following Whole30 so bear that in mind when you’re considering doubling or tripling a recipe.

Here’s to all our health in 2023!

Chicken, Bacon, Ranch Squash Noodles

So hearty and flavorful, this all-star recipe is proof that following Whole30 does NOT mean deprivation or tasteless food options. Spaghetti-like squash (use my cutting technique in the recipe to keep the “noodles” nice and long) comes together with crisp bacon, tender chicken and tomatoes in this single-sheet pan meal.

Lemon-Herb Crusted Halibut with Roasted Tomato-Zucchini Salsa

Any white, flaky fish will do for this recipe so feel free to change it up for what you have on hand. But I love halibut for its mild flavor and meaty texture and my kids do too. The delicious crust here comes from crushed-up pistachios and a mix of dill, thyme, and tarragon, and the rough-cut salsa compliments the fish so well.

14 Delicious Whole30 Recipes (3)

Teriyaki Salmon Packets

Cooking fish in parchment yields the most tender result! This salmon steams in a little packet with veggies and a garlicky ginger stir fry sauce in 20 minutes or less.

Healthy in a Hurry, page 167

14 Delicious Whole30 Recipes (4)

Pesto Power Meatballs

These pack a powerful source of iron and folate with their secret, and I swear imperceptible, ingredient! Ground chicken and fragrant pesto combine with chicken liver for a superstar protein source that goes well with any side dish.

Eat What You Love, page 244

14 Delicious Whole30 Recipes (5)

This paleo-friendly gumbo is full of gorgeous whole ingredients — shrimp, chicken, sausage, tomatoes, and okra. Protein-rich and filling, this is made extra delicious by using bacon drippings and a thickening roux made with onion and arrowroot powder.

14 Delicious Whole30 Recipes (6)

Paleo Minestrone Soup

This recipe is so adaptable — choose chicken, turkey or beef — and you can switch out some of the veggies depending on what’s in season. This recipe calls for yellow squash, but butternut or sweet potato would also be perfect here.

14 Delicious Whole30 Recipes (7)

Asian-Style Chicken Slaw

I love a juicy and crunchy salad. Something about both those things in one bite — in this salad you get them from the slivered almonds, snap peas, carrots, and oranges — making this salad one of my favorite quick lunches.

Healthy in a Hurry, page 75

14 Delicious Whole30 Recipes (8)

American Breakfast Bake

I love a classic egg breakfast and this one delivers. The grated potatoes get deliciously crisp edges and mingle with the slightly runny egg yolks and tender bacon. And since it only takes a single sheet pan and presents beautifully, this is a recipe you’ll want to make over and over.

14 Delicious Whole30 Recipes (9)

Peruvian Style Chicken

Chicken, peppers and onions get a delicious paprika and lemon marinade. The chicken skin gets all crispy and it’s delicious the day after for lunch in a sandwich or atop a salad.

14 Delicious Whole30 Recipes (10)

Vegetable Biryani

Loads of spices and riced cauliflower bring together this warming biryani. You can add protein if you wish — it pairs well with chicken, white fish or shrimp — for a heartier meal.

Meals Made Simple, page 216

14 Delicious Whole30 Recipes (11)

Spiced Beef & Lamb Kebabs

The ingredients for these kebabs are incredibly flavorful and come together in literally two seconds in the food processor! Skewers are fun, but these also make excellent burger patties.

Healthy in a Hurry, page 297

14 Delicious Whole30 Recipes (12)

Egg-Free Paleo Breakfast Bowl

I know that egg-free breakfast recipes can be hard to come by, but this one is easy and so filling. I love the flavors here — apple, pork sausage and shredded brussels sprouts (their small size is key for quick cooking) — and I like to top it with some sauerkraut for some gut-healthy probiotics.

14 Delicious Whole30 Recipes (13)

Roasted Tomato & Shrimp Pasta

This recipe looks so impressive and comes together in no time. Garlicky shrimp is the perfect accompaniment to bursting tomatoes and tender spaghetti squash and greens. The ingredients all cooked, but not combined, also store well for up to 3 days in the fridge making this a prep-ahead friendly option.

Meals Made Simple, page 204

And remember, if you’d like even MORE help on planning and maintaining your entire Whole30 month:

It has several more recipes and will keep you on track for a full 30 days!

14 Delicious Whole30 Recipes (2024)
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