12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (2024)

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (1)

You can bring the sunshine into your classroom right now with these delightful Spring bulletin ideas that can be displayed on classroom doors, windows or on actual bulletin boards.

Nothing is more hopeful than warmer weather, flowers and sunshine streaming through those chilly classroom windows. But why wait until the calendar shows it’s time for the season that ushers in new life?

Idea #1: Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud Bulletin Board

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (2)
A rainbow is a sign of hope, and spreading kindness like sunshine is the way to go, both in and outside the classroom. For this themed bulletin board, you don’t need many teacher supplies; just some construction paper, scissors, and tape will do to bring the magic of Spring into your classroom. Have your students trace and cut out their handprints from colorful construction paper and arrange them in an arch to emulate a rainbow. We love the motivating message accompanying the board and that students can play a “hand” in putting it together.

Idea #2: April Showers Bring May Flowers Bulletin Board

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (3)
Whether you’re looking to reinforce a lesson in botany for Science, numbers for Math, Literary Terms for English, or just searching for a fun, visual way to make your elementary school classroom a beautiful place for your students to be, a flower bulletin board is the perfect solution. Raindrops, flowers, and umbrellas are easy for students to make and can support any lesson you want your students to remember. There are endless ways to make paper flowers, ladybugs and other warm-weather things to say hello Spring! If you have younger kiddos, consider having bulletin board cutouts premade or other easier spring crafts for small hands..

Idea #3: Spring Into a New Book Bulletin Board

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (4)
Perfect as a bulletin board or even a hallway display, If you’re looking to get your students inspired about some spring or summer reading, this easy library bulletin board is a great way to offer some titles. Get creative with your bulletin board letters and utilize multiple fonts to make them pop. Another fun idea would be to use cutouts of books as bulletin board borders- have students fill out a blank book cutout every time they finish a book and count how many they’ve read as a class at the end of the year!

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Idea #4: The More You Know, The More You Grow Bulletin Board

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (5)
Sometimes, you don’t have a school bulletin board to work with. Enter the creativity of using door decorations! What a great way to display some spring flowers with facts about what plants need to grow–science in action as door decor! This is also a great way to greet your students when they come to class.

Idea #5: Make Time for Mindfulness Bulletin Board

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (6)
Mindfulness is an essential element of a well-rounded social-emotional learning curriculum. A great way to reinforce a growth mindset and mindfulness practices is to create and provide visuals around your classroom. Like this bulletin board on pinwheel breathing, for example. This particular bulletin board has QR codes for interactive mindfulness techniques but could be tweaked for your specific needs. The pinwheels would make a fun craft if you have young students, but the lesson on mindfulness is terrific for students of all ages. Pinwheels make a great classroom decoration, too.

Idea #6: We’re Having an Un-BEE-lievable Year Bulletin Board

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (7)
Encouraging positivity in the classroom makes it a great place to “bee” for the teacher and the students. Have your students brainstorm the things that have made this year great so far and put them on display. It’s a great way to hold on to the good and celebrate all the new beginnings to come!

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Idea #7: Shoutout to my Peeps Bulletin Board

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (8)
What better way to foster a positive culture and environment in your classroom than to highlight the good in each of your students? An adorable Easter Bulletin Board idea or even a fun back-to-school classroom bulletin board to set the tone for the year, this is a great way to make every student feel valued and seen. As part of an SEL curriculum lesson, you could have each student write a message to a peer to display on your board. A spring classroom never felt so warm.

Idea #8: I Feel Lucky When… Bulletin Board

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (9)
Bring the luck of the Irish into your classroom with this St. Patrick’s Day themed bulletin board. You can easily create a rainbow and pot of gold printables that your students can fill in. They’ll love reading about what makes each other feel lucky.
Source: @sweetsensationstpt

Idea #9: Tree of Life Bulletin Board

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (10)
This 3D bulletin board really pops! It’s not your typical flower board for the Spring and would make for lovely classroom decor. Get ready to DIY with the tree trunk. Brown paper bags would work well if you don’t have craft paper. Create a butterfly template and let your students help cut them out. This is a great spring bulletin board idea for middle school students or a fantastic earth day activity.
Source: Instagram @crafty_teacher_display

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Idea #10: This Year I have Learned… Bulletin Board

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (11)
This is a great end-of-school-year bulletin board idea for Spring. The writing prompt will make your students think back and reflect on something they have learned- and it doesn’t have to be academic. From daycare to high school, this simple writing prompt can be adapted for any student to make a beautiful bulletin board display.

Idea #11: Hanging With My Gnomies Bulletin Board

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (12)
Welcome students into your classroom with some cheerful spring gnome decor, complete with their own faces as cutouts! This is a really fun way to track how much elementary school students have grown throughout the year if you want to place first day of school pictures next to current ones. This would work as a bulletin board or spring door decor.
Source: @mbargrrr

Idea #12: Spring is in the Air

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (13)
This idea is a play on hanging laundry out to dry on the line - Spring sees the first time for many to be able to hang out their laundry and finally see some blue clear skies.
Source: easypeasyandfun.com

Idea # 13:Let Your Imagination Bloom

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (14)

This display is great for inspiring students to read for pleasure and features beautiful paper flowers that older students will enjoy helping to create. This bulletin board is perfect to use in your school or classroom library. Have students help create the flowers for this bulletin board as a fun spring craft activity.

Source: Teaching and Tapas on Pinterest

Idea #14: A Growing Bulletin Board

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (15)

This plant bulletin board is an easy, inexpensive and engaging way to help students learn about the life cycle of a plant in real time while injecting green life into the classroom. A great idea for spring when plants are beginning to bloom, or for any time of the year since it doesn't require sunlight from the window.

Source: enjoy-teaching.com

Idea #15:We Can’t Wait to March into Spring

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (16)

Get excited for spring with this fun bulletin board that celebrates the transition from winter to spring with marching ants and a fun pun! Have students create their own marching ants, or contribute to the seasons with flowers for spring or snowflakes for winter.

Source:Richmond Hill Montessori Private Schoolon Pinterest

Idea #16: Flutter into Spring

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (17)

Create a butterfly-themed spring bulletin board with easy to make coffee filter butterflies. It’s a bright, beautiful and fun way to get students involved in creating a bulletin board for your elementary classroom.

Source:EPBP Lakers on Pinterest

Idea #17: Imagination Blooms Here

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (18)

Technically not a bulletin board, however, this is a fantastic way to create a floral classroom display for Spring which inspires students. Make it the main focal point of the classroom with flowers adorning your whiteboard or projector screen. Perfect for elementary school, middle school or high school classrooms!

Source: teachingtidbitsandmorewithjamie.com

Idea #18: Adding Doubles with Ladybugs

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (19)

Incorporate elementary math and science into your classroom displays with this ladybug spring bulletin board. This ‘craftivity’ involves making a ladybug and then rolling the dice to find out how many spots to add. Students will love getting involved and showcasing their work as they learn about adding doubles as well as insects this spring.

Source: kinderirick.blogspot.com

Idea #19: Factor Flowers

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (20)

Another great way to incorporate math into your spring bulletin board, these factor flowers help students learn about and practice multiplying different numbers. It can easily be adapted for different elementary grade levels.

Source: sparklebox.co.uk

Idea #20:April Showers Bring May Finals

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (21)

A different take on the “April showers” themed bulletin boards, here you can share helpful test prep tips with your middle school and high school classes as they head toward May finals this Spring. Your bulletin board could include study tips as well as self-care advice. Share your own tips, or have students from older grades share their top tips with younger students for a collaborative, community-building approach.

Source: Taylor Mikulla on Pinterest

Idea #21: Spring into Healthy Habits

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (22)

Getting in the spirit of “spring cleaning” and springing into something new, this bulletin board encourages students to take care of themselves with tips and advice for developing healthy habits around sleep, healthy eating and hygiene, all with a floral spring theme — of course!

Source: ACE on Pinterest

Idea #22: Math Helps Us Bloom

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (23)

A floral-themed spring bulletin board with a twist! Students can learn important math vocabulary from the petals of the flower in this bright and colorful display. Each ‘petal’ represents the shape named in the centre, a great way to introduce or review polygons in math. Useful for upper elementary and middle school math teachers.

Source: @rise.over.run

Idea #23: Hop Into Spring

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (24)

This sweet bunny-themed display is perfect for brightening up any elementary classroom in springtime. Have younger students colour and decorate bunny coloring templates, or encourage older students to draw or create their own with craft materials to showcase their creative abilities.

Source: @creativiteach

Idea #24: When It Rains

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (25)

Embrace those April showers this spring with this writing prompt bulletin board. Have students answer the question “What do you like to do when it rains?” and display their responses complete with mini-figures of each student holding their umbrellas in the “rain”. Here 2nd graders have shared their entries, but this activity would be suitable for creative writing with a variety of grade levels.

Source: @2nd_teaching

Idea #25: Spread Your Wings and See How Far You Fly

12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (26)

This inspirational bulletin board doubles up as a fun photo opportunity for students. Create the beautiful set of wings for a bright and engaging bulletin board that students will love to stand in front of and admire!

Source: riseoverrunteacher.com

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12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring (2024)
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